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I've been pretty busy with classes and work as of late.  The bookstore job is over and things have been a bit easier now, but my only problem is now I've staying up pretty late at night.  I need to correct that.

School has been good.  I really enjoy my Coms class.  The teacher is super cool.  My math class is okay.  The teacher is cute, but we have a test soon, so I'll be needing to study for it.  My english teacher is kicking my butt.  She says my work is impressive, but damn is she a tough grader.  She hasn't been grading the last couple of reports we have been needing to do, so I'm so nervous what my grades are on them and if I have been doing them correctly.  My last class is my art class. We just recently had our first critique.  I thought I was going to do bad because everyone's sketchbook had a full on plan on how they were going to make their object.  I just kind of dove in and figured out what worked with what.  I really should work on creating plans for my projects.  I made a bike out of wires.  Its about eleven inches long, maybe longer.  They really liked how I mad my seat and pedals the most.  I'll maybe post pictures of it on a sketch dump for those who are interested.

Speaking of sketch dumps, I might be able to show you guys what has been going on art wise pretty soon.  I have a lot of pictures I want to show you guys.  But in order to make those sketch dumps, I need to figure out how to connect my scanner to my laptop without a cable, mainly because I don't have the right cable.  Yes, after begging my dad to bring the scanner in the house and making a compromise, I now have the scanner back.  The scanner is now located in my closet because I'm the only one who uses it.  I got a pretty big closet in my room (technically I have the downstairs master bedroom) and my mom just helped me reorganized my closet.  I now I have shoe rack!  So happy about that!

I have been falling pretty far behind on shows.  I need to get caught up on Orange is the New Black, Arrow, the Flash, Game of Thrones, Gravity Falls, and Steven Universe.  If you are currently watching those shows, please do not spoil anything for me!  Its not nice!

Other than that, life has been pretty good for me.  How have you guys been?
If you are curious or want to follow me on tumblr, just ask me and I'll send you the link!  I post more sketches there, but it is an art blog only.  I update it whenever I get the time to, so that is the only warning I will give (and that there are a lot of drawings of the Scarlet Witch…).


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United States
Flamingos!!!!!!! Flamingos!!!!!!!!!! Flamingos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My favorite animes are Maria Holic, Durarara, Working!!, Black Blood Brothers, Attack on Titan, and Princess Jellyfish.
My favorite mangas are Maria Holic, Lucky Star, Hatenkou Yugi, Kamisama Kiss, and Princess Jellyfish.
My favorite books are Frankenstien, the Iron King, Cirque Du Freak, and Immortals After Dark series.
My favorite shows are American Horror Story, Parks and Recreation, Modern Family, The Big Bang Theory (greatest show that was ever created!), Arrow, Game of Thrones, and Criminal Minds.
My favorite video games are Uncharted, Tomb Raider Reboot, Pokemon, Hakuoki, L.A. Noire, Batman, and Portal.

I do write and draw my own original stories. I love some of my stories to death because I've put a lot of time and effort into many of them. I usually only let my friends see, but I might post a few of my OC's up here (I just don't want people to steal them!).

I'm currently attending a CSU that's close to my house. I'm majoring in art and my focus is on digital, but could possible change to digital. I would love to get into animation, but right now I'm just trying to get through college and my goal is to do something related to my major when I graduate. Getting my masters would also be nice, but I have to be close to graduating, which looks like might be a couple more years. I normally only post my doodles I have done and they are normally tradition artwork. Enjoy!

Current Residence: My room
Favourite genre of music: Rock!!!
Favourite style of art: Not too picky about art.
Favourite cartoon character: Baymax from Big Hero 6!
Personal Quote: Don't be an idiot - said by my Economic's teacher in high school

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